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Feeling in: Blue

Deep, dark, mysterious blue.

It haunts us, even as we dream,

in a cycle of routine sadness that

somehow still hurts, even after

the hundredth time.

It is the last color you see before

the sky turns black.

Blue is the ocean.

It is roughly seventy-one percent

of our world, yet it 

still terrifies us.

Blue is our eternal struggle

for happiness personified.

Blue is an eye-color mutation.

Some find it vastly superior,

but it’s still a mutation,

not meant to be.

Not meant to be. 

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Feeling in Colors

Hi friends! So, I am going to shake it up a little bit. Normally, I just write and post whatever I am feeling at that time, but I want to do something a bit different. Instead, I am going to do a segment, or series of sorts, based around colors. It sounds boring, but I am hoping you’ll all love it! So here is the first one, which is more of an intro.



I am mourning for humanity,

and how we have allowed ourselves

to forget what it is to feel in


We are taught to suppress our

envy, because it is wrong, and

rude, but why is it wrong to want something,

and to work to get it?

We hide our sadness, because

they say it is weakness, and we mustn’t

allow ourselves to be tender.

“Other people have it much worse,”

although true, does not cure a broken


We restrain ourselves from

spontaneity, because we are afraid

we will do it wrong.

But we forget there is no right or

wrong in passion.

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