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Please Pardon This Interruption

Yes, I know, I am supposed to be doing a color series right now, but I have never been one to be consistent, and when inspiration comes, you don’t pass it up. So I bring to you today, “Eyelashes.” Please do enjoy. :)

I had stopped to think of

the injustice that is the

obscene length of your eyelashes

before, but I

never really regarded them

as I should have.

So when you obstructed my view

of the food on tv as my stomach

growled like something feral,

and all I could see were your eyelashes,

so beautifully outlined in the warm

living room light,

I counted each one,

a delicate wish.

Minutes pass and you are

completely oblivious to my

blatant staring,

completely oblivious to your

own complex beauty.

When you turn to look at me,

you ask if everything is okay.

Honestly, I say yes.

I just can’t believe how

easy it is to be oblivious.

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