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Wicked Witch

I didn’t ask to be
a cliche.
A teenage poet,
struck with {enter mental disorder of
your choice},
when an unlikely boy comes to
pull her up and
teach her how to be
human again.

I never wished to be the
damsel in distress
in this twisted fairy tale,
where women are helpless
and men fight their battles for
them and are the ones to give
them purpose.

I want to rewrite my story.
I want to use my faults
as weapons.
I want to be the dragon,
or the evil stepmother of
this story,
knowing exactly what I
want and spilling blood and
casting spells to get it.

One day a man will
love me for my bloody
hands and
my stubborn love and
the fierceness in my heart.
I will not be told who to be.
I will not allow myself to be
I will be the wicked witch of
this story.
Try and stop me.

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