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Feeling in: Red

Red is the feeling you get when you 

want to make a change.

You can no longer stand to be


There is a fire under you,

but you love the pressure to do

something good.

Red is when you do something

without thinking, it is spontaneity,

and there is no consequence you

could possibly regret. Because this

is what feels right,

deep in your soul.

It is never wrong.

Red it hot rage.

Your whole body is on fire.

You only hear blood rushing in

your ears, whispering for you to

do something rash.

But oh,  how it feels so sweet.

But yet, it has such a bitter after-taste.

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Turned Around

When feelings are revealed,

what am I supposed to think,

to feel?

Right now I’m just confused,

a boat turned around in a storm.


Am I supposed to be relieved,

happy that there are no longer secrets?

Right now I can only feel mortified,

like hearing the cops tell you bad new on a cold winter night.


I don’t think I know what I feel.

But whether it be remorseful or light-hearted,

I ask one thing.

Just one request.

Please do not lie to me.

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