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Feeling in: Green

Green is the color of life.

It is the leaves in the early


singing lazy lullabies as the

breeze gently kisses them.


Green is gentle, the grass, once

covered by the oppressive snow,

yet it rises up still.

It is soft between your toes as

the sun tickles your skin.

Green is what it feels like to 

be alive.


Green is murky.

It hides the corruption of

greed that sticks to the bottom

of our shoes and never seems to come


Green is indifferent. It

is the witness paid off,

a secret kept with bribes.

It doesn’t care who is hurt, it

just wants its payoff.

Green is natural, and slimy,

like a pond filled with algae.

We don’t want part of green,

but with one comes the other.

It’s a package deal,

no returns.

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A Gift

His feather-light lips brush
against mine.
His hand softly lies on
my cheek.
There is so much intimacy
in his innocent touch.

His arms, wrapped around
keep me safe from the
anxieties in my heart.
Now, starting to ebb,
calm washes over me.
The calm I’ve been
searching for all my life.

It’s a gift,
one I know he doesn’t
fully understand.
One I indulge in because
I know it can, will, be
taken away as quick as
it was given.

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