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“Life is poetry.”

“Life is poetry,” she said,

“Our senses are the imagery,
painting to world for us,
yet each person sees it
That is beauty.
That one thing can be a thousand
just because we make

Our emotions make up
We compare our love, pain,
desperation, and joy to the tragically
beautiful things we surround ourselves
with, because they make us feel less,
feel put together, less

Our bodies make up the
Our hearts pound, our blood
races, our bodies sway.
Our bodies,
they are the rhythms, always
in motion, never resting because
resting is to surrender and these words

Life is poetry.”

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I am a woman.

I am not made of 

sugar, or spice,

or anything nice.


I am made of cells, forever

fighting each other. 

Even the diseased ones just want to 



I am woman.

I do as I please.

I will question you,

and I will speak up.


I am a woman.

I have dreams.

I am sometimes naive,

this I know.


I indulge in my fantasies of

love and of glory.

Of contentedness and 

the warm sun on my face,


I am a woman. 

I am proud of who I am. 

I make mistakes a lot. 

I unintentionally hurt people.


I love with all of my heart.

This is not a weakness.

It is my greatest weapon. 


I am a woman.

This world better watch out,

because I am coming.

Proud and tall.


I am a woman.

I am a human.

I am me.

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