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Feeling in: Yellow

Yellow is bright.

It is the sun caressing your skin

after a long winter.

It is warm,

an inviting hug after a long


Yellow is happy.

It symbolizes peaceful times,

where love is unconditional.

It is never harsh lines, but fuzzy streaks,

lacking definition.

Yellow is soft.

It is light.

Yellow doesn’t weigh

you down, but lifts you up.

Yellow whispers soft morning

melodies in your ear.

Yellow is syrup-sweet,


Yellow is messy.

It is easily faked, and 

taken for granted in it’s 

genuine state. 

But it is not vengeful. 

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Darkness Misunderstood

It is perceived that the
light makes everything
makes everything right.
But no one mentions
how it blinds us,
in all it’s arrogance,
and tells us to conform
to survive.

It is perceived that darkness
holds everything bad,
all of the monsters under
our own beds.
But no one speaks of
how the dark makes
everything soft,
how it folds us gently
into itself and sings us
a sweet lullaby until
we fall into our own

It is the light that sugar
coats our messes
and tells us to live in
ignorance because that
is the very best way.

It is the dark that lets
us cry out, and gasp,
and hurt,
but that also tells us
to sleep,
and we can start over

The light is a lie.
Darkness is hope.

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